Tyrian Artist of the Year Award

Creativity plays a vital role in fostering vibrant and thriving communities. It is a powerful force that fuels innovation, brings people together, and enriches the quality of life for individuals and the community as a whole. We select an artist annually to honor with the annual Tyrian Artist Award along with the Irene Sukle Art Teacher Award which is awarded every 3-5 years.

Tyrian is an inter-spiritual network created to awaken the artist, healer, and peacemaker in each of us.

Previous recipients of this award include Emily Imka (2022), Mary Enoinias (2013), Windsong: Cleveland’s Feminism Chorus (2012), Christopher R. Spooden (2011), Anda S. Cook (2010), Patti Witnik (2009), Spirit of Life Performing Arts (2008), Katherine Chilcote (2007), Nate Miller (2004), Debra Wuliger (2003).

Award Criteria

  • The Award recipient may be an individual or a group.
  • The work must link and align with Tyrian mission goals.
  • The Award aims at recognizing lesser know artists within Ohio.

Please contact artistaward@tyrian.net with questions or concerns.