Tyrian Healing Award

The Tyrian Healing Award was created in 2019 is in honor of Dr. Roberta Steinbacher, PhD, cofounder of the Department of Urban Studies at Cleveland State University. Health is a fundamental aspect of community well-being and plays a crucial role in shaping the overall quality of life for individuals and communities. The importance of health in a community can be understood through several key aspects: Individual well-being, social cohesion, quality healthcare, and resilience.

Tyrian is an inter-spiritual network created to awaken the artist, healer, and peacemaker in each of us.

Award Criteria

  • The Award recipient may be an individual or a group.
  • The work must link and align with Tyrian mission goals.
  • The Award aims at recognizing lesser know artists within Ohio.

Please contact healingaward@tyrian.net with questions or concerns.